Is your money helping to fuel the climate crisis?

Your bank or pension fund may be using your money to fund polluting fossil fuel projects.

Is your money helping to fuel the climate crisis?

Your bank or pension fund may be using your money to fund polluting fossil fuel projects.

British banks, pension funds and other financial institutions invest billions of pounds of their customers’ money into the fossil fuel industry every year. Depending on who you bank with and where your retirement savings are invested, this means that your money may be helping indirectly to build the coal power stations, gas pipelines and other fossil fuel projects that are destroying our climate.

The UK is a global financial centre. Finance is what keeps the fossil fuel industry alive. To prevent catastrophic climate change, this flow of money into the most polluting industry on the planet must cease. And you can make it happen.

These financial institutions care about their public image, and some are already beginning to move away from fossil fuels to protect their reputations. But this isn’t happening fast enough; to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, we need to get UK financial institutions out of fossil fuels urgently.

This is where you can make a difference.

By raising your voice and calling out the banks and pension funds for their dirty investments, and by choosing to shift your money away from the worst offenders, you can help to build the pressure that will tip the finance sector into abandoning its fossil fuel investments for good.

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